I have always been interested in the way that humans interact with the technology and information around them. As I have moved through my academic career at Georgia Tech, I have come to be passionate about what people are drawn too in terms of design and how that changes their understanding and interaction with it. The projects below are my attempt at pursuing that understanding and growing my skills as a designer to works for the consumer.  

Please, click on the images to see further aspects of each project.

Women Leadership Conference Branding

Designer and Marketer 

Designs were created using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign as well as Procreate

MO Fishing Co.  Illustration

Designer and Illustrator

Illustrations were created using Procreate and logo design was created using Adobe Illustrator

Goat on the Rock Coffee Co.  Branding


These designs were created using Procreate as well as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Little Rascals Branding


This designs was created using Procreate as well as Adobe Illustrator