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iCAN Brand Revitalization

Showcasing the amazing work of the International Children's Advisory Network (iCAN) in a new, family-friendly flow!

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2022 - Current


Overall, all of iCAN's visual assets needed to be updated to improve brand cohesiveness and understandability. Over the course of 1+ years, I worked to revitalize iCAN’s visual brand through the development and creation of 20+ key iCAN documents, social media marketing plans, posts, and visual graphics across 4 platforms and one blog, the redesign of the iCAN website, the production of video series such as Ask the Experts, and the creation of all visual, consumer-facing materials.


iCAN Website Redesign

Screen Shot 2024-01-24 at 9.22.44 PM.png

Original iCAN Website Landing Page

Screen Shot 2024-01-24 at 2.56.27 PM.png

Redesigned Website Landing Page

Goals of the website redesign

The original iCAN website, while functional, was sometimes difficult to navigate and there was a large library of assets which were outdated and could be archived. The goal for the website redesign was to improve the flow of the user experience so that the most important messages and events of iCAN can be seen be the most people. The design needed to be kid-friendly, visually accessible as well as appealing to professionals in healthcare. 

Goals of the website redesign include:

- Improving the navigation experience for users on the site (I interviewed multiple key stakeholders such as young adults, children, and adolescents for input on what they want in a design).

- Integrating updated, timeless, but playful design that speaks to both professional users as well as youth and young adults.

- Incorporating responsive design for both mobile and desktop interfaces.

Screen Shot 2024-01-24 at 9.08.42 PM.png

Redefining the Flow

Taking into account the impressive number of projects and activities iCAN hosts each year, sometimes the newest information is lost on the current website. Much of the current information can be archived or hosted on separate pages like iCAN’s youtube account. The Flow Chart below below reflects a more concise navigation flow and should help highlight the most important information via the home page.

Home Page Flow Chart

Desktop Design

This design takes all of the elements and puts them together in a deceptivly simple configuration. The simplicity of the layout allows for an easier navigational flow and prominent highlights of important information like iCAN events and open projects. The design starts with a strong hook as well as an action buttion. That leads the user to learn more about the nonprofit. Adding the short overview of iCAN kids as well as the about section at the bottom of the design gives users a clearer understanding of what iCAN and its Youth Members does.


Both sections prompt you to learn more, but these snippets are necessary for the majority of users who only look at the homepage. In order to lead more people to the projects and opportunities iCAN has open, the projects section is both prominently featured as well as interactive encouraging engagement. It is also broken into the different types of opportunities iCAN offers. To reflect iCAN’s purpose of sharing pediatric patient voices, there is a section at the bottom of the page with quotes from iCAN Youth Members. While the section did exist on the current website. The redesign puts these quotes on the homepage in order to highlight the valuable insights from the kids. 


Homepage - Layout

iCAN Social Media

Screen Shot 2024-01-24 at 9.40.39 PM.png

Adding the Fun! 

The overall goal for the iCAN social media presence was to develop designs that were accessible to all, fun, and had a youthful quality to match a kids' nonprofit. Heightening the playfulness of childhood was important to me, so strong graphics, contrast, and shapes were key points in iCAN's social media development.

Social Media Designs: Block #1

Planning and Posting

By keeping to a specified color scheme and host of graphics, I was able to develop a social media presence that was more cohesive and built up the iCAN brand. In addition to creating the posts, I implemented a social media posting schedule centered around iCAN events like Ask the Experts and templates. By alternating the dominant color for posts, the social media feeds are kept fresh and incorporate every element of the iCAN brand guidelines. 

Screen Shot 2024-01-24 at 9.40.52 PM.png

Social Media Designs: Block #2

iCAN Document Redesigns

iCAN Sponsorship Package

One of the most important documents to a nonprofit, the Annual Sponsorship Package needs to imbue trust and confidence in the potential sponsor, while effectively communicating the purpose and mission of the organization. This document includes elements of fun befitting a nonprofit for children, but wouldn't be out of place in any board room. 

iCAN Overview

The overview provides a comprehensive look at all of iCAN's programs from the KIDS chapter program to the iCAN Young Professionals Network. The challenge of this project was parsing out any unneeded details to make each topic concise and understandable from everyone from clinical trial researchers to pediatric patients. 

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