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Little Rascals Children's Clothing Boutique Logo Design

A logo and illustration project that matches a child's free spirit and whimsy.


Main Logo 



Graphic Design


Adobe Illustrator



Little Rascals Clothing Boutique


Summer 2021


Little Rascals Clothing Boutique is an online boutique catering from newborn to tween sizes. Based locally in Ocean Springs, MS, I was approached to design the logos and some illustrations for the boutique. Designed to fit the adorable customer base, the branding takes the form of different mediums such as watercolor. 

Mission Statement

The brand's purpose is to sell cute, comfy clothing to children; so, the visual design's purpose is to market the clothing as soft and snuggly as possible! My first freelance job, I learned much about how to develop a contract and product that met client expectations while also supporting my own prowess as a designer. 

Graphic Design


Illustrative Logo


Main Logo

Illustrative and Main Logos

A defining feature of the brand design for Little Rascal's is watercolor. This visual aspect is reflected in the two main logos: the illustrative logo and the main logo. Although they can be used almost interchangeably, the purpose of having the two logos is mainly for sizing. For small print items such as business cards and email signature, the main logo would be used. For items requiring little resizing, the illustrative logo would be used. They play off each other, with each containing the same teal color, fonts, and laurel motif.

Untitled_Artwork 27.png

Mood Boarding and Sketches

When mood boarding, I pulled images that gave off the feelings of softness and childhood. Pastels and a lack of harsh lines, were key motif's that I looked for. After talking with the client, we made the choice to move away from human characters to be included in the design/illustrations. Rather we chose the teddy bear as one of the icons to be featured in the designs. By anthropomorphizing the toy animal, I felt the product would connect to a more universal demographic.  

Variation of Logo Design

Ideation is so important in design, and so is font choice. A font can inform the vibe of a design and change it from a corporate design to a personal one. I went through a number of edits with the client specifically regarding font choices for this design. The main font we ended up choosing has a mix of handwritten strokes and cursive variations. This is in contrast to the secondary font which is a serif font that affords easy readability. 



The client ordered two illustrations in addition to the logo designs. One is a general illustration of two teddy bears. The other includes text and ties in elements of the illustrative logo. These are to be used on their website and other print materials. The illustrations showcase the main icon of the brand: the teddy bear. Representing siblings, the teddy bears show that the clothing brand is for all genders of children. A parent can find someone for any one of their kids.  




My Musings

One of my first jobs working directly with a client, navigating the design with respect to my own time as a designer was a challenge. Determining the number of edits as well as other forms of fielding the clients expectations were skills I quickly learned. However, I was able to present to them a fully flushed out brand package with a unique design in an industry that is somewhat oversaturated. 

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