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Lost Spring Brewing Co. Logo Design

A fresh take on a brewery brand identity- reflecting the funkier side of Ocean Springs, MS.


Main Logo 



Graphic Designer


Adobe Illustrator

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Lost Spring Brewing Co. and Community Taproom


Fall 2021


A passion project of a childhood friend, whose love of beer and the Gulf Coast inspired this unique brewery and taproom, the Lost Spring Brewing Co logo and branding project reflects the innovative young people who are flocking to the area and the desire for human connection with nature. 

Mission Statement

My role as the brand designer for this project is personal honor for me, and one that I poured my love of design and nature into. The purpose of the design is to convey a casual, but funky atmosphere much like Ocean Springs itself. The ultimate goal for the design is to reflect Lost Spring's concept of an elevated, but relaxing aesthetic and community togetherness. Finally, the design reflects the artistry that Lost Spring puts into its' craft of frankly really great beer. 


Graphic Design


Sub Logo

Illustrative Logo

Logo: The Final Cut

We knew going in that the we wanted the design to being clean and also reminiscent of illustrative line art. It was important that there was a icon that could be pullout out of the main design and used as a sub-logo or otherwise a separate illustrative graphic. The two main logo's I designed showcase the hops flower (the main ingredient in many beers) combined with an almost ancient greek/roman coin-esque emblem. Because Ocean Springs is named after the many natural springs that were once in the area, the main illustrative logo focuses on the idea of reflection. The hops flower is reflecting into the spring itself mirroring both the name Lost Spring but also its hometown of Ocean Springs. The sub-logo follows builds on that concept by being reminiscent of a coin, perhaps one that you would throw into a spring for good fortune.

Untitled_Artwork 25.png


The final concept came from sketch after sketch of concepts. In order to develop the present designs, many concepts where drawn up and then abandoned. However, I kept coming back to that idea of incorporating the once plentiful springs into my designs. Ultimately, the direction I felt would be best for the brand reflected the idea of the spring, but not one so obvious.  

Logo Iterations

The logo's went through many iterations before the final design was presented. The designs took on an historic bent in order to reflect the long and intricate history behind Ocean Spring. However, I felt that the designs that were discarded were too busy, and the meaning behind the logo was lost in the many details. Although the bones of the final design came from these logo iterations; ultimately, simplification was key.  


Illustrative Icon

Alternate Hops Graphics


My Musings

I really enjoyed this project. It helped me to understand how to develop a design concept based on a clients ideas and broad vision. Through the Lost Spring Brewing Co. brand design, I refined my ability to develop a unique and innovative concept within in loose parameters, and further expanded my design style in a way that was true to myself and the city I call home. 

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