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Goat on a Rock Coffee Co. Brand Design

A brand concept that combines my love for coffee with my love for design.


Packaging Design Mockup



Graphic Design


LMC 3402 Graphic Design


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop



Spring 2020, Summer 2022


Inspired by goals of sustainability and the costal life, Goat on the Rock Coffee Co. is a fictional coffee company that opens pop up shops around the mainland United States. Along with sustainable packaging and designs showcasing artists and educational material from each popup's location, Goat on the Rock Coffee Co. donates a percentage of its sales to ocean cleanup funds. The design was further developed in the summer of 2022. Each aspect of the brand design pushes those goals forward, and leaves room for growth. 

Mission Statement

Our final project for my LMC 3402 Graphic Design course, I conceptualized the Goat on the Rock Coffee Co. and developed a full brand outlook. From the premise of the company, to the iteration of logos, and the build of packaging mockups, Goat on the Rock Coffee Co. is a project that taught me how important a flushed out design process is and just what it takes to create an engaging and timeless design. 

Graphic Design


Main Logo

Sub Logo

Logo Logo Logo

I developed two main logos for the brand. The first, a colored logo with varying tones of red and an accent color of gold. The second has a line art version of the icon and the text surrounds the image. The key similarity is the icon of a goat atop a rock. This image is inspire by a beloved memory of my family trip to Hawaii, but it also represents looking towards the future! The goat itself can stand on its own as a signifier of the brand, and its bold stance against the bright sunlike background represents a delicious, bracing cup of coffee.

Mood Boarding and Sketches

I pulled together images and colors I found comforting and appealing- both of which are emotions I personally find tied to coffee. The goal for the design was to invoke similar feelings in the customer. From there, I sketched out a few examples of potential logos and icons. Once I found a design that I liked best I began to work with color thumbnails- eventually settling on the current warm toned color blocking.  

Untitled_Artwork 8.png

Color Scheme and Graphic Elements

I chose a mix of red tones with a yellow ochre highlight for the color scheme. These colors gave me the sense of comfort I felt when I drank a cop of well made coffee. Additionally, they reminded me of the colors of the sunset over the ocean (a key inspirational image). Additionally graphics that populate packaging and other designs include costal floral motifs and rustic chic graphics.


Iteration of Logo Design

Although fairly similar to the final logo design. Each iteration allowed me to tweak subtle, but important design details like line weight, color placement, and text placement. Initially, I got rid of the goat icon with the intent using it as a separate statement piece. However, I found that without the goat, the text felt too clunky. Additionally, without the color in the logo, it felt too generic; so, I repurposed the colorless goat icon to be an additional graphic for use in other products.  



Sticker Mockup

My Musings

This design is a passion project for me, an ode to my love of coffee if you will. It is inspired by my family's trip to Hawaii where we played a game called spot the goat (extra points if you saw on on a rock or in a tree) and my own childhood growing up on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. The printed packaging would be made of recycled paper and biodegradable plastic. Future design work for the project includes building a functioning app prototype and a series of coffee cover illustrations. 

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