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An app that both educates users about and celebrates the women artists of the Documenta Exhibit. 


App Design Mockup





Graphic Design


Georgia Tech LMC 4813


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop




Spring 2022


Women of Documenta is an app design and an art piece in and of itself. The goal for this project is to shed light on women and their oft forgotten voices in the world of art and to celebrate the motifs and aesthetic of the 1970's through a modern lens.

The project consists of a series of digital portraits, a UI design mockup, an an animated sequence included in the final prototype.

Mission Statement

Created as apart of LMC Art and Design Spring 2022's anthology project centered around Documenta 5. The app's goal is to provide both entertainment and education about all the women of the Documenta exhibit's. Additionally, as this was my final semester- the project includes elements with the purpose of showcasing the width of my skillset from graphic design, to motion graphics, to illustration.

Graphic Design & Illustration

DocUIArtboard 2_2.png

Color Scheme

Mushroom Graphics and App Logo

DocUIArtboard 2_4.png
Colored Eye-01.png

Tarot Card Layout

Draft Version of Eye Stills

Design Vision: Mixing the Old with the New

Because the prompt for the projected highlighted Documenta 5, which took place in 1972, I wanted to incorporate the psychedelic aesthetics of the decade. By combining those aesthetics with a modern twist, the design appeals to a fresh audience, while paying homage to the exhibit's origins. 

Motifs, therefore, include the eye, mushrooms, and tarot cards- all chosen to build playfulness and add to the game aspect of the app. Some instances of these can be seen in the images above. 



The portrait series mirrors the purpose of the UI design: a mixture of old and new. While it is done digitally, the style intertwines charcoal and traditional textures with a modern, illustrative style. Additionally, the focus is on the eyes of the artist- one of the key motifs used in the UI and Animation design. In the animation stills below you can see the key motifs: eyes and mushrooms. These two themes are a nod to the psychedelic culture of the 1970's and its connection to the art world.

Paula Modersohn-Becker, Digital Portrait, Spring 2022

Incorporation of Game Design: Animation

Born from my love of movement and built to incorporate the idea of interactivity as game play, the app begins with an animated short to introduce the visual motif's of the mushrooms, the eyes, and the taro card set up. The animation works to grab the attention of the user and builds mystique about the app, elevating it from purely educational to enjoyable interactive. 

Intro Sequence

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 2.38.59 PM.png

Intro Sequence, Animated Stills

Incorporation of Game Design: Game Play

The app is conceptualized as a mixture of a video game-esque platform and an education learning piece.  Following the animated still at the beginning of the user's journey (which mirrors a cut scene in a video game), the gameplay is introduced by the motif of the tarot cards. The user will be able to flip between artists much like tarot cards are flipped in a deck. The sketch showcases the initial movement of the game play. The user is effectively "choosing a character" to learn about, with each card introducing a new woman artist from Documenta. 



DocUIArtboard 2_3.png
DocUIArtboard 1_1.png
DocUIArtboard 1_2.png

Tarot Card Layout

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